Maternity photography Stockholm

        Maternity photography Stockholm

        I’ve started to shoot maternity session a lot more lately, it’s so much fun! Many of my clients choose to photograph themselves with their partner, then I do just like a regular photo session with a little extra focus on the belly.

        Some women choose to photograph themselves, too, Cecilias session took place in the studio and we chosed a scaled-down, stylish form of theme. The beautiful dress a friend of mine has created, works as well on boudoir photography as on maternity sessions. For long I have wanted to shoot with the beautiful white fur collar that I bought a long time ago, and here it appears discreetly in a beautiful way. I really love being able to photograph in the studio regardless of the weather and the time. The whole session is photographed on film. Are you also interested in booking a maternity session in Stockholm? Contact me for more information.

        Gravidfotografering studioGravidfotografering studioGravidfotografering studioGravidfotografering studioGravidfotografering studio
        Gravidfotografering studio

        28 September, 2018