Terese Brandwold


        with me

        13 years of

        I photographed my first wedding in 2008 and are specialized on weddings and portraits with studio north of Stockholm. I hold the Apprentice Diploma - Journeyman's Certificate and the Master’s Letter in the Photography Profession, approved by the Swedish Crafts Council, member of Swedish Professional Photographers Association and is EP Quality certified by the Federation of European Photographers.


        A big thank you Terese, we are so glad we got to have you as our wedding photographer. You showed a great commitment both before, during and after our wedding. We got the pictures we wanted and so much more, you really gave that little extra! We will enjoy the pictures for many years to come and will remember our wonderful day! If I have reason to hire a photographer again, I will not hesitate to contact you again! I recommend anyone looking for a photographer to hire you!

        My clients believe that photographs

        increase in value

        as the years go by and memories fade


        Why I love film photography

        Today our phones are filled with photos of our children, of what we eat, of our travel destinations. We take picture after picture, hoping one will be good enough, before we put on a filter, publish them on social media and forget about them. Even with our digital cameras with great technical possibilities, we’re used to just snapping photos, checking the result afterward and taking a few extras just to be safe

        In our digital era, there is a romantic shimmer over film photography. The interest in film is constantly growing. Photographers speak of grain, feel and the ”look” film gives. If you dig a little deeper you will see that there’s more to it than that. Something more profound. When you slow down, start working more consciously and limit yourself in terms of the amount of photographs you can take, something changes within. Perhaps it is the feeling of truly creating a photograph, much like a work of art, rather than just snapping a picture.

        The contrasts, the dynamic width, the colours, the grain, the softness - it is difficult to replicate these in digital photographs. Perhaps the most vital part is what happens when a photographer uses an film camera instead of a digital one

        When you are forced to slow down, feel, plan and set everything manually without being able to control the result directly afterwards, and instead having to go with your gut - perhaps that’s when the real magic happens. When the photographer focuses all their time and energy on taking the photograph and not on the editing.

        Analog fotografering

        MY BOOK

        Film photography

        for beginners

        I have written the book I wish I had access to when I started photographing with film. I’m a little obsessed with the look that film photographs gives which was the reason that made me transition to becoming a hybrid photographer. The timeless feeling, amazing colors (the skin tones!) and the work process are very special when shooting with film.