First and foremost; big warm congratulations, what exciting time you have in front of you! Thank you for your interest in booking a maternity photosession, it is a trust I take very seriously and with great warmth, I will do my utmost to reflect your special time. Usually when I photograph pregnant couples I see it as a normal couple photography, but perhaps a little more extra focus on the belly. It also usually becomes more individual portraits only on the mom-to-be.

        I want to portray you, as a couple, in your expectation for your little one, but please let me know if there is any particular photos you have thought of and wishes for. If we are going to do the session outdoors, we decide a place depending on what style/feeling you would like, preferably a place that means and represents you (I will gladly help you with ideas!). When shooting in the studio, there are opportunities for several different appearances by changing backgrounds.

        Maternity photography Stockholm

        Date and time
        When I receive your booking inquire for pregnant photography Stockholm, I will get back to you with confirmation on the date and time. The photographic fee of SEK 1400 is to be paid in advance in order to secure your date. Digital image files and products you then buy separately in the IPS meeting a couple of weeks after your session, so that you will get exactly what you want. If you would like a studio session we can do it whenever, but if you want to be photographed outdoors, I recommend a few hours before sunset to get that beautiful, soft light. If you have children that you would like to be part of the session, we adapt the time after them and choose a time when they are lively and happy.

        In my studio the sun always shines 🙂 Many people prefer to be photographed in the studio during the winter months when the weather, light and outdoor temperature do not always show up from their best side, but there is a great charm even with gray and beige backgrounds! When shooting outdoors I am dependent on the light so at very cloudy alternative rain days I reserve the right to rebook at short notice and then we find a new time that suits you.

        Clothes and styling
        It is often nice to have tones in tone colors with each other (if you are several people who are going to be photographed together) or light, single-colored garments. Avoid heavily colored and patterned clothing with large logos. I have several beautiful pregnant dresses and skirts for lending for the photography. If you want to be outdoors during the cold season, please have a change with you and do not forget about warm leggings and shoes. In Stockholm, I can highly recommend Isabelle Bellange for make up and hair styling if you want an extra touch to your pictures. Price from SEK 250 for make up and from SEK 250 for hair styling, please let me know that you want to know more about styling in your booking inquiry and I will convey the contact to Isabelle.

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        GET IN TOUCH

        I’m looking forward to hear from you! Having a question, ready to book or simply want to say hello? Please fill out the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more information and a full price list. I usually respond within a day. If you haven’t received a reply from me – please check your spam folder.

        Price list

        Phone: +46 739-92 10 02

        E-mail: [email protected]

        Studio: Midgårdsvägen 14, Täby (Stockholm, Sweden)