Maternity photography


        First and foremost; big warm congratulations, what exciting time you have in front of you! Thank you for your interest in booking a maternity photosession, it is a trust I take very seriously and with great warmth, I will do my utmost to reflect your special time. Usually when I photograph pregnant couples I see it as a normal couple photography, but perhaps a little more extra focus on the belly. It also usually becomes more individual portraits only on the mom-to-be.

        My goal is for you to feel that it will be a couple of hours where you are in focus. An experience where you get to feel at ease and have your pregnancy captured. I will make sure you feel relaxed in front of the camera and will give you instructions if you feel unsure about posing. Most people choose 2 different outfits and 1-3 different environments to be photographed in to get variety in the pictures.

        Date and time


        I usually recommend taking your maternity photographs between weeks 25-35, but it is very individual how you feel and feel, so we book from depending when you feel comfortable. When I have received your booking request for your maternity session, I will provide feedback with confirmation of dates and send you all the information you need for your photography.

        If you book a studio session, the time does not matter, but if you want to be photographed outdoors, I recommend a time a couple of hours before sunset to get soft nice light. If you have children that are joining, we adapt the time to them and choose a time when they are alert and happy.



        Choose clothes with care. The clothes, with its colors, style and material makes a huge impact for the outcome of the photographs. In this guide I go through the most common questions I get about clothing choices and I hope you will feel inspired for picking outfit for your upcoming photo session.

        ∙ A timeless, simple cut, white shirt will look as good in 25 year as it does today. If you choose a timeless outfit, the most important in the photos (that would be you!) will stand out even in the future. The outcome is that you'll be able to enjoy your portraits and not be embarrassed about your outfit.

        ∙ If you want bright photos, we'll be looking for light background and venues. I recommend bright colors for your clothes: white, light beige, light gray. All muted, light pastel colors do all look very stylish on photographs and usually matches well.

        ∙ A common mistake is that couples dress individually. Try out the clothes in front of a mirror and see how you think they combine together. Click here to find out what I mean :)

        ∙ Don’t choose clothes the same day as the photo shoot (and don't bring to many outfits, you'll just get decision anxiety) and remember that less is more.

        ∙ I have a large set of maternity clothes to lend to your photography with me. I have contact with several hair and make-up artists and florists, I am happy to help you if you want a little extra styling, a hair wreath or bouquet to your session.






        HOW I WORK

        I will guide you through the entire session and tell you how to stand, hold hands, look, etc. When you get guidance on how to act, you relax and start focusing on the cooperation and how you move, instead of how you look. By following my instructions, you will feel relaxed. Are you coming with your partner? I always tell my couples that their focus during photography is to make sure their partner gets as much love, compliments and positive feedback as possible.

        By focusing on encouraging your partner, you will shift the focus from being nervous about how you look in the picture to creating a cozy experience with your favorite person. Imagine having nice clothes, in a beautiful place and getting compliments and hugs for an hour or two. If you come without a partner, I will ensure that you feel safe and taken care of. And you get everything in the photo, so you can relive what you felt over and over again over the years. That my friend, will be your pregnancy experience with me :)

        If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard the phrase ' I never look good on photos' :) Trust me, I know how it can feel in front of a camera, with a person that you don’t know. Then add your desire to look good and... hello pressure! I know how it feels to feel uncomfortable and if there's something I value highly, it’s making sure that my couples feel at ease in front of my camera. It’s so common to feel nervous before your maternity session.

        I’ve been a portrait photographer since 2008 and I consider it my job to make sure that you’re relaxed. I’m confident to say that you’ll be happy with your photos and my goal is that you’ll leave that awkward feeling behind as soon as we start shooting. The secret? All my clients tell me that they want to have natural, non-posed photos. The thing is though, that very few of us are super comfy in front of a camera so I do pose my couples. I will never ask you to "just do your thing" and then wait for you to come up with something.

        What do we do if it rains?

        First and foremost, do not get stressed. The weather may change at the last second. If possible, rebook to another day. If this is not possible due to the schedule or if the photography takes place shortly before the estimated date of birth, consider photographing indoors. If you choose to be photographed outdoors, bring an umbrella, practical clothes to warm yourself with from time to time and everything will work out.

        Many people prefer to be photographed inside the studio during the winter months when the weather, light and temperature outdoors do not always show themselves at their best, but there is a great charm even with gray and beige backgrounds!

        Backlighting a couple of hours before sunset is absolutely fantastic, but even if it is overcast or raining, your pregnancy photos will be something really special.


        Other tips

        When you book a pregnancy photo session, we agree on what type of photos you want. When photographing your pregnancy outdoors, we decide a place together depending on what style / feeling you want in the pictures, based on what is suitable for the season (I am happy to make suggestions). When shooting in the studio, there are opportunities for different looks by changing backgrounds. Usually when I photograph pregnant couples, I see it as a normal couple photography, but maybe a little more extra focus on the stomach. There are also usually more individual portraits only of the expectant mother in addition to your couple photos. I want to portray you, as a couple, in your anticipation of the new, but feel free to let me know if there is any special picture you have thought of and wish for you.

        ∙ Make a day of it! Plan so that you have enough time to decide the outfit, style your hair and not have to worry about traffic and so on. Make sure you do not come to the session all stressed.

        ∙ Plan to take photos during sunrise or sunset if you want a soft, beautiful light.

        ∙ Do you want to be photographed indoors? If you want to be photographed elsewhere than in my studio, make sure that the room has high ceilings, light walls and large light. This way you get bright pastel photographs, which you can see in my portfolio.

        ∙ Consider using a professional hair and makeup artist. He or she will make you your best self.

        ∙ Less is more. Keep it simple, classic will always be classic when it comes to outfit, location and props.


        The following is included in the package:

        ∙ Preparation, planning and service before, during and after shooting

        ∙ Analog film, developing, scanning and processing

        ∙ Photography 30-90 minutes in my studio or outdoors

        . Carefully selected supplies and lending of clothes

        ∙ In personal sale in the studio or web gallery to select your images

        Package price

        Photography and photo book SEK 4,950

        Options for the package 5 digital high-resolution files SEK 4,500

        All digital high-resolution files (approx. 30) SEK 8,500

        Upgrade the album to 28 x 28 cm size, add SEK 1150

        Compose your own package

        Photography SEK 1,400, image files can be purchased according to a price list

        Click here for complete price list


        GET IN TOUCH

        I’m looking forward to hear from you! Having a question, ready to book or simply want to say hello? Please fill out the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more information and a full price list. I usually respond within a day. If you haven’t received a reply from me – please check your spam folder.

        Price list

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        E-mail: [email protected]

        Studio: Midgårdsvägen 14, Täby (Stockholm, Sweden)