Why I love film photography?

        The colors. The timelessness. The grain.

        Today our cellphones are filled with pictures, of our kids, what we’re eating and destinations we travel to. We take huge amount of pictures hoping that one of them will turn out good before we apply a filter, post it on our social medias and then they’re forgotten, in the vast ocean of pictures already posted. Even with our digital camera with the huge technical possibilities, we’re used to hurry to get a result, verify afterwards and take some extra pictures, just for the sake of it. In our digital era lies something of a romantic aura over film photography.

        The interest for film is growing all the time. Photographers talk about grain, feeling and the ”look” film gives. If you dig through the surface, then there’s something more, something deeper. The feeling of slowing down, to feel more and to be limited of the amount of frames, creates something within a photographer. The digital wave have lead to a big product focus, there’s a huge amount of accessories and the digital camera continue to develop regarding speed, megapixles and features. Film cameras on the other hand, works just as good now as when they where produced during the 1900s.

        The contrasts, the dynamic range, the colors, the grain, the softness - it's hard to replicate this in the digital image files. Perhaps the magic occurs when the photographer photographs with film instead of digital. When you are forced to slow down, feel, plan, set everything manually without the ability to check the image afterwards on a LCD screen. Instead you have to trust your guts - maybe then it's when the real magic happen. When the photographer is a photographer and devotes all it's time to the creation itself and not to the post-processing afterwards.