For the sentimental people who want to preserve and treasure the time they have with their family. You'll have a cozy and fun time together during the session. With laughter we'll together create beautiful photographs from your children's childhood and capture all their little quirks.

        Your family experience

        I believe that your (and especially the kids) experience of photography is very important in addition to getting photographs of great quality. With children, it rarely works well to ask them to smile and look into the camera, but the better to cuddle and play fun games! I want to capture your family's interaction and love through my photographs, so that you can enjoy them for generations. All ages and all seasons have their charm.

        Photographs that lift each other

        I have many suggestions for nice outdoor places that suit different ages and seasons in Stockholm. Personally, I love the charm of different faces and moods, images that complement each other and build a nice story together. I create my pictures with the goal image that they will form a nice album to browse through together in the future and laugh at all the cozy and personal faces and situations that arise.


        I offer kids sessions outdoors during the summer while other time of year we are indoors in my studio, where there is always good light and warm and comfortable. The session usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes, we have no stress, but if you come with young children the patience often pretty fast.

        I have several backgrounds to choose from and it is possible to get several different looks during the session. I also have a large bed that it is free to jump and have pillow fight in, it usually is a very popular event at the end of the shooting!

        In the studio I have a lot of props such as cute caps, tulle skirts, hair ribbons, pennants, toy car, dock cart and toys but you are warmly welcome to bring your own props. The studio environment will give you classic, timeless photographs while shooting outdoor we can be more ‘free’ and shoot lifestyle with your kids running around. So if you want playful photographs where the children’s personality really comes into its own – book an outdoor session. Children up to 2 years old, however, usually offer their most beautiful mines even inside the studio.


        English site coming soon

        You are not alone in feeling uncomfortable being in front of the camera. If you put the uncertainty aside, I am convinced that you will love the photographs of you together and I dare promise that your children will love them at least as much, not least in the future.

        It may be a cliché, but there will be a day when the photographs of you together will be invaluable. I want to capture your family's interaction and love through my photographs, so that you can enjoy them for generations. The kids are only small for a short period of time.

        When you book a family photo session, we agree on what you want for look and feel. Most common are individual pictures of the children, siblings pictures, individual pictures only of your parents and the main focus of the whole family together. Be prepared to participate in the outdoor games! It's everything from kissing, tickling wars, now-come-dad-and-take-you! as hugs.

        Don't be frightened if there might be tears, it can be very strong photographs when mom or dad comfort. Come to the session relaxed, the children feed and satisfied and everybody ready for an adventure! Please bring supplies if you want, something that matters a lot, like the favorite teddy bear or why not soap bubbles?







        The clothes, with its colors, style and material make a big impact for the outcome of the photographs, so choose clothes with care. In this guide I go through the most common questions I get about clothing choices and I hope you will feel inspired for picking out outfit for your upcoming photo session.

        ∙ A timeless, simple cut, white shirt will look as good in 25 year as it does now. If you choose a timeless outfit, the most important in the photos (that would be you!) will stand out even in the future, so that you can enjoy your portraits and not get bugged out about your outfit

        ∙ If you want a light background, in the studio or outdoor, I recommend bright colors: white, light beige, light gray and all muted, light pastel colors do all look very stylish on photographs and usually match well.

        ∙ A common misstake is that all individuals to be photographed dress individually. If you are several people who are to be photographed, try out the clothes in front of a mirror and see how you think they combine together. Click here to see what I mean :)

        ∙ For maternity and kids sessions, please remember to dress you/the children in loose-fitting clothing, to avoid leaving marks on the skin. This is if we are going to take photographs without so much clothing. Socks marks are the most common problem, those marks tend to be visible for hours.

        ∙ Don’t stress with choosing clothes the same day as the photo shoot (and don't bring to many outfits, you'll just get decision anxiety) and remember that less is more.