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        Engagement photography Stockholm, more specific the archipelago outside Norrtälje, 45 minutes from Stockholm, I met Tomas and Hanna for a engagement session. We had a great time on their sail boat and picnic on the pier. A wonderful summer evening where the sun was warm and the water sparkled when the little swan family swam past us. Just perfect!

        On a session like this, when we have two different locations (on the boat and then on land) I recommend my clients to have two outfits, just because it’s fun with variety. It’s nice though if the outfits reminds of each other, so that you’ll have a ensemble for your printed album. I usually prefer to shoot in the open shade but if that’s not possible (like on a boat and on a pier, it’s hard to move them into the shade:) I recommend to do the session like here, the last hour before sunset to have the softest light possible.


        16 July, 2017
        Wedding photographer Stockholm

        Award winning wedding and portrait photographer, based in Stockholm, Sweden. My heart beats for film photography, pastel colors, backlight and stylish design. I photograph on analogue film for its amazing skin tones, timeless look and beautiful grain.

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        Wedding photographer Stockholm I photographed my first wedding in 2008. Every year I photograph a very limited number of weddings to be able to provide my couple with the best possible service. Prepare to feel relaxed in front of my camera because that's what most of my clients say in their reviews.

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        A cozy and fun moment together. Laugh together create beautiful photographs from your children's childhood and capture all their little quirks. All ages and all seasons have their charm.

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