The ultimate guide to start shooting film photography

        Film photography and it’s classic appearance with contrasts, dynamic ranges, colors and grain still has it’s place in the modern day era of digital cameras, smart phones and photoshop. Whether you are a devote professional film photographer like myself, who loves the timelessness and eloquence of film photography and wants to advance their skills, or you are someone who is just beginning their film photography journey as a hobby and want to know some of the best photography tips and tricks for taking great photos, you are in the right place! In the book the award-winning portrait and wedding photographer Terese Brandwold takes an easy and personal approach to explain on how to start shooting with analog cameras and film.

        The book is for those who wants hands-on-tips without complex technical terms - the perfect beginners book. This photography film book is packed with tips and beautiful photos to help you create the photographs you've always dreamed about. This pedagogical book will give you a guided tour of everything you need to know to start shooting with film. Common questions, different kinds of films, how to meter the light, the difference between digital and analogue formats, post processing tips, how to create double exposure, how to shoot with strobes and much more. The book is aimed for those who wants to start shoot with film without having to take care of the process afterwards in the darkroom.

        I have written the book that I wish I had access to when I started photographing with film so in this book I will share everything I know with you. I’m a little obsessed with the look that film photographs gives which was the reason that made me transition to becoming a hybrid photographer. The timeless feeling, amazing colors (the skin tones!) and the work process are very special when shooting with film. When you get back your first scans from the lab, you will understand what I mean. I hope you will feel a euphoria just as I did and still do. There is something special about film and analog cameras and the working methods. Let us together keep this amazing art form alive.

        I will cover everything a beginner needs to know about film photography. The 160 pages book includes description and informative pictures and, but is not limited to, following topics:

        – How aperture, ISO and shutter speed works
        – A guided tour of different kinds of films
        – How to meter the light
        – The difference between digital and analogue formats
        – Post processing tips
        – How to create double exposure
        – How to shoot film with strobes


        The ultimate beginners guide on how to start shooting with film. The book is packed with tips and beautiful photos and will help you create the photographs you've always dreamed about.