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        Weddings, like most amazing days, go by in a blur. Relive your memories through generations. Over the past 10 years, I have been documenting weddings and portraits for my clients. I am proud and honored to be trusted to create your family heirloom.

        I only serve a limited number of clients each year and work hard to meet your high expectation on services and photographs. On this page I've collected the most common questions. For any additional questions, please send me an email.


        Whether you have a small intimate ceremony to look forward to or planning a big party with 200 guests, I know what all the planning, preparation and well-being of the day entails. My long experience means that I will be well prepared for most situations that can occur on a wedding day.

        I believe that a few pictures from selected parts of the day can never give a fair picture of such an important and unique occasion as a wedding. I do not want neither me nor my customers to be limited by counting hours, so I offer 'unlimited hours', where I am with you as long as you wish during the day.

        Before the wedding, you will receive my tips on everything from how to prepare for photography to a family portrait schedule and recommendations on vendors. That means that during the day you can relax and feel confident that everything is flowing and just enjoy each other and the day with your guests.

        Do you do destination weddings?

        Yes, I love to travel and do weddings all over Sweden and even abroad. Please send me a message and I’ll get back to you with my information brochure. For destination weddings travel fees apply, that included flight, rental car and accommodation, so no surprice fees after the wedding day.

        What do you shoot - digital or film?

        I’m a hybrid shooter, which means I shoot both. I love film for its timeless beautiful colors and feeling, and I love digital for its speed, security and the possible to push the ISO in dark churches.

        How will our pictures be delivered?

        You will receive a link to a online slideshow featuring selected favourite images to show your nearest and dearest. All the images willbe delivered to your home at a USB, but prints may require you to retrieve them from your nearest post office. All pictures will be delivered edited (note, not air brushed) and delivered in both low resolution (web use) and high resolution (prints).

        How many pictures will we receive?

        The amount of delivered photographs depends on several things: number of guests, details to shoot, time spent on portraits etc. On average I deliver around 50 pictures per hour, I always go quality over quantity.

        Tell me more about the wedding consultation

        In short, this is the time where we get to sit down, learn more about each other and whilst putting the action plan together; so that everyone knows what’s going to happen and when. I will let you know all about my work procedures, what’s good to consider if the weather’s not holding up as expected, how to reduce your stress levels and how to make the most of our time together on the day. More importantly, I want to make sure that I have understood all of your wishes and wants perfectly – and that you feel at ease with the timetable we set. Everything will of course be documented to ensure that not one detail is missed nor overlooked.

        Do you work with an assistant or second shooter?

        Most of the time I work alone, during my 10 years in business I’m very comfortable doing so. Sometimes I bring an assistent aka film loader. However, if you are having a big wedding a second shooter can be added to the package at an additional fee.

        How much time should we set aside for the portraits?

        I recommend that you set aside one to two hours, to allow time for scenery changes, unfortunate weather and to not feel pressed for time (makes for better photos!). Breaking up the portrait session into 2 smaller session is a great idea if you want to get those golden hour photographs.

        What if it rains during our wedding day?

        At your wedding we work with what we have, and unforeseen weather sometimes produces the most memorable pictures. We will go through our options at the consultation.

        Are you insured? Have you got backup equipment? What if you get sick?

        I have both equipment and liability insurance. Yes, I have back up equipment and systems in place to ensure that no malfunction, accident or human error will result in the loss of your pictures. If I should be unable to fulfill my duties at your wedding, I will, if possible depending on the circumstances, arrange for an equally experienced photographer to take my place (through my vast contact net). A new photographer will be selected based on agreement with the contracting party and delivery will, in such circumstances, take place under the terms of the present agreement.

        Can we order photo albums and prints from you directly?

        Yes, I would love to help you out. My background in graphic design allows me to create beautiful customized photo albums. I have hand picked my suppliers for albums and prints over the years that work exclusively with professional photographers. All products are experienced best live, so please let me know if you’d like me to bring any copies to our meet.

        Tell me more about the photo albums you're offering

        The album is designed with your unique story in mind and you may certainly choose your favorite pictures for me to include, should you wish. When it’s complete you’ll receive a link to a digital version that you’ll be able to view and prove before it goes to print. All albums are produced in Europe and have an estimated delivery time of two months.

        What should we consider regarding backup?

        Keep a backup drive in case your computer breaks down and keep both your computer and your drive connected to lightning protection to reduce the risk of electronic fairly due to a nearby lightning strike. Taking it further, it’s not a bad idea to have a separate backup elsewhere, should there be a fire or a break in. Storing your images in a cloud-based service is also an option, just make sure you go with a well-known provider and read up on the pros and cons before you sign up.

        How can we make a booking?

        I’m looking forward to hear about your big day!

        Please fill out the form on my contact page and I’ll contact you asap. For wedding bookings, know that I must have received my contract signed and 50% in deposit before I can save the date.

        I usually respond within a day. If you haven’t received a reply from me – please check your spam folder.

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