Terms engagement session abroad

        The following terms has been agreed by the contracting party and Brandwold Creative AB, belowed called Brandwold Photography, with regard to personal portrait photography and the use of delivered image files.

        Date, location and time is agreed via e-mail. The scope of the assignemt is to be stated in the invoice. Digital files, albums, thank-you cards, enlargements, etc. may be ordered from Brandwold Photography based on the price list applicable at the time of ordering.

        A photo fee will be charged on booking. Payment is due 10 days net after the invoice date. Interest will be charged on overdue payments at the applicable Swedish reference rate plus 8%. Individual payment plan can be appliable, if that is the case, dates of payment is stated in the invoice.

        The prices stated are applicable to personal use of the images. The contracting party has the right to reproduce the images for personal use. Publication in newspapers and on websites is acceptable provided that the images are credited to

        Brandwold Photography reserves the right to publish the images on its website, in social media and for other marketing purposes. Brandwold Photography may grant any participating suppliers the right to publish for marketing purposes. Brandwold Photography undertakes to refrain from selling the images for commercial use.

        The contracting party hires Brandwold Photography for its technical and artistic expertise and their style of photography. The contracting party is aware of this and has consulted Brandwold Photography’s portfolio on in order to know what to expect with regard to the artistic style of the images. Brandwold Photography shall have the right to select images for delivery and publication to the contracting party. Brandwold Photography is responsible for ensuring that the images are captured using professional cameras, shooting both on real film and digital. Delivery will take place once final payment has been received. All products and image files shall have been delivered within three months from order and payment. Responsibility for backing up the digital image files will transfer to the contracting party one week after receivement.

        Brandwold Photography undertakes to arrive at the venue in good time to select suitable settings for portrait photography. Brandwold Photography will respect any guidelines relating to the positioning of cameras and any limitations imposed by the venue. The contracting party is aware of the importance of being on time for the portrait photography session. Lateness will result in fewer photographs being taken. Brandwold Photography will always make every attempt to meet all of the contracting party’s wishes with regard to the images. However, depending on the scope of the event, this may not always be possible.

        The contracting party is responsible for ensuring that any permits and liability insurance coverage required for the venue(s) are obtained and for making sure that any participating individuals and props are presents. The contracting party also undertakes to ensure that any items that are to be photographed are satisfactorily insured. Brandwold Photography is not responsible for any injuries suffered by individuals, nor for any loss of items. Brandwold Photography’s carries equipment and liability insurance. Brandwold Photography is responsible for bringing back-up equipment in the form of a spare camera body and for saving image files onto two separate memory cards throughout the duration of the assignment. Neither party shall have any obligation toward the other in the event of the agreement being terminated as a result of serious illness (a doctor’s certificate shall in such circumstances be required), accident or force majeure. Force majeure includes but is not limited to: war, fire, pandemic and terrorist attacks. In the event of serious illness, accident or a similar, unforeseen, event the parties shall have the right to cancel the assignment and any amounts paid will then be repaid without delay (the contracting party will in such circumstances still be responsible for covering already paid or booked props, travel and accommodation costs, which will not be repaid. If Brandwold Photography is the one who cancel the session due to illness, then Brandwold Photography will pay back the already paid amount). In the event of illness preventing Brandwold Photography from performing the assignment, Brandwold Photography will attempt to find an equivalent replacement (sourced from the wide network of professional photographers at her disposal). A new photographer will be selected based on agreement with the contracting party and delivery will, in such circumstances, take place under the terms of the present agreement. In the event that Brandwold Photography is unable to find a replacement photographer, the customers should be notified as soon as possible. The contracting party will thereafter be responsible for selecting a new photographer to perform the assignment.

        By approving these terms and conditions when booking a photography session, Brandwold Photography is deemed to have obtained the necessary consent from the persons appearing on the pictures in accordance with the Swedish law (1978:800) on the name and image in advertising and the EU general data protection regulation 2016/679, law (2018:218) with supplementary provisions to the EU data protection regulation. Of course, if there are any pictures that the client not want to be published, this is respected. It is important to me that you feel satisfied and respected. Brandwold Photography only offers customer specific and unique products therefore the right of withdrawal or open purchase does not apply. Any disputes relating to the present agreement shall be handled based on Swedish law and settled by the general courts, with Attunda District Court as the court of first instance. By agreeing these terms, the contracting party declares themselves to be fully aware of the terms for the photography assignments outlined above. The agreement is binding once Brandwold Photography has received the booking fee.