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        Film photography for beginners

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        “This book really goes from start to finish”
        Swedish Photographers’ Association

        In the digital era, film photography has become an artistic craftsmanship. In this book, the awarded portrait- and wedding photographer Terese Brandwold casually, intimately and educationally offers you a guide to starting with film photography with small and medium format. This book presents a guide to different kinds of film, how to meter the light, the difference between digital and analogue format, how to shoot with strobes, double exposure and much more. The book is for you who wishes to begin with film photography without handling the process afterward in the dark room.


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        I have written the book I wish I had access to when I started photographing with film. I’m a little obsessed with the look that film photographs gives which was the reason that made me transition to becoming a hybrid photographer. The timeless feeling, amazing colors (the skin tones!) and the work process are very special when shooting with film. When you get back your first scans from the lab, you will understand what I mean. I hope you will feel a euphoria just as I did and still do. There is something special about film and analog cameras and the working methods. Let us together keep this amazing art form alive.

        The book is an instant download, please note that all digital downloads are final with no withdrawal. Once you go through the payment a separate email will be sent with the link to download the book as a pdf within 3 days and at one occasion. I ask you to please respect my work as an artist and don’t share the pdf with others.

        Content, 160 pages

        Why film?
        The difference between film and digital photography
        Camera settings
        How to shoot in a manual setting
        ISO – The films light sensitivity
        Apeture – Regulates the amount of light that hits the film
        Shutter – Regulates the amount of time the film is exposed to light
        Which lens should I choose?
        Work method – How to start shooting with film
        Equipment – Requirements and nice to have
        Which camera should I buy?
        Small format – 35 mm
        Medium format – 120 mm
        Different film stock
        How to use a lightmeter
        Exposure test
        To work with light
        How to shoot with strobes
        Push vs. pull
        Common mistakes and questions
        The parts of a 35mm camera
        How to load 35 mm film
        The parts of a medium format camera
        How to load a medium format camera
        How to create double exposure
        How to focus manually
        To work with a professional film lab
        The difference between different scanners
        Buy film – how to find your favorites
        Post processing
        Hybrid shooter

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        8 reviews for Digital book:
        Film photography for beginners

        1. Kajsa Ragnestam

          So amazing that an inspiring book about film photography is available in Swedish! T. Brandwold provides educational instructions and advice on everything that you need to know to get started with film photography. The text is well structured with clear headlines and not too long texts that invites me to keep reading. I love to just browse the book and look at all the nice and inspiring pictures. Amazing that there is a book that makes this subject easily accessible instead of technically difficult and old-fashioned as it may otherwise be experienced.
          Fantastic inspiring book!

        2. J. T. Arendi

          I summarize first: an amazing and inspiring book!

          After trying out with film photography many years and then go digitally 100%, this book is a great source of inspiration for me and should also be for those who want to start photographing with filmy. Terese describes the whole process in a very appealing and easy way and really makes me want to start photographing with film again! I really like how she describes her motives to start shooting with film: “slowness” and the reflections, the planning!
          The technology part is educational and simple explained with many graphs that make it possible to get the information out, without a headache! The photographs that are included are absolutely amazing and really inspire!
          It’s not often I really want to turn the page into a book of this character to see what’s “hiding” there, but here it was very easy to just keep reading all the way to the end!
          So I really recommend this book to everyone, not just those who want to start with film photography!

        3. Johanna Blom

          Terese has written a hands-on and educative book for anyone who is curious about analog film photography! The book goes through everything from technical terms, parts of different kind of cameras to tips on which film to choose. For us impatient people there are also a bunch of checklists and photographs that gives a quick overview! Terese shares generously with experienced frustrations and her own lessons, making the book very personal, easy and fun to read! The book also has a chapter sections that make it easy to look up and return to sections.

          Terese encourages us to be creative and to test ourselves and the film’s possibilities. The book will be a pleasure for you who are thinking about or want to start photographing with film. I highly recommend this book!

        4. Carl Rossetti

          A perfect book for me who’s photographed digitally many years but haven’t started with ´film photography yet. Easy to read, educative and still goes in-depth to go further than just beginners level.

        5. Peter Larsson

          Solid book! Covers it all from getting started to more advanced settings. I really like that the pictures are well interlaced with the writning. I appreciate that the book covers both 35 mm and medium format.

        6. Lauren

          Wow! This book is incredible. I am just starting my journey into film photography and I cannot recommend this book enough! Whether you are starting off with 35mm or Medium Format this book has you covered! I loved that she compared different film stocks and teaches about metering for film! I wish I could take an in-person class from Terese but this is honestly the next best thing. She has put so much time and attention into this book and it really shows. I hope to continue my journey and I will continue to use this book as a reference guide!

        7. Bogdan

          A book that describes very well the technical part of using analog photography. Easy to read and there are a lot of good informations. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book. I recommend it to all of you wanted to learn how to shoot with film.

        8. Efva Gyllenklo

          An absolutely wonderful book that has inspired me to buy a film camera. I have received answers to so many questions and received so many good tips. Now I also know more about how to think when choosing film.

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