Lifestyle family session Stockholm

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        Lifestyle family session Stockholm is simply a photography session in your home, the place where we spend most of our time together. Your child’s first home is something special. It’s a time when every new step is celebrated, every smile is captured, and love fills the home with warmth. Capturing these moments is incredibly valuable, and what could be more personal than doing it at home? I offer portrait and lifestyle photography in Stockholm for families and highly recommend that all parents participate in photos with their children, as it will be invaluable in the future.

        Why choose lifestyle photography?

        Choosing lifestyle photography in Stockholm comes with several advantages. Firstly, it creates a safe and relaxed atmosphere for your child, resulting in images that are more natural and authentic. Your child gets to be themselves, which gives me as a photographer the opportunity to capture genuine joy and curiosity (perhaps the child wants to show off their toys in their room or play with their favorite teddy bear?).

        The photos also become more personal, reflecting your life at home as it is. By choosing to be photographed at home, you not only get images that capture your child’s development but also the special moments you share in your own home.

        Tips for a successful lifestyle family session Stockholm

        Create a photo-friendly environment: We will be photographing in your home, just as it is. With that said, it can create a less cluttered impression if not all toys are out at the same time. A few pillows on the couch provide a more harmonious impression than ten with different colors and patterns.

        Plan for activities: Prepare some activities or toys that your child loves to do at home. It could be anything from reading their favorite book to playing with their favorite toy. This helps keep the child engaged and gives me the opportunity to capture authentic moments.

        Natural light: Take advantage of the natural light in your home to create soft and beautiful images. I prefer to have a window behind me for beautiful light and together we’ll choose a time of day when the light is nice and your child’s energy is at its peak.

        Be patient: Photoshoots with young children can be unpredictable, so be prepared to be patient and flexible during the session. The best photos often capture spontaneous moments.

        You’ll receive more tips in my brochure upon booking.

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        5 May, 2024