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        Kids photograher Täby

        Kids photographer TäbyKids photographer TäbyKids photographer TäbyBarnfotograf TäbyKids photographer TäbyKids photographer TäbyKids photographer TäbyBarnfotograf Täby

        Kids photographer Täby

        The photography together with Sara, Staffan and the girls was just as magical as it looks. We skipped the studio and went out instead. We managed to score a wonderful spring day, warm winds among the white anemones bathing in sunshine, absolutely wonderful! The girls got a lot “but gosh how cute they are!” comments from passers-by who were out for a walk 🙂

        When did you take part in the photography with the children yourself?

        You are not alone in feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera. If you put the uncertainty aside, I am convinced that you will love the photographs of you together and I dare to promise that your children will love them at least as much, not least in the future. It may be a cliché, but there will come a day when the photographs of you together will be invaluable. I want to capture your family’s interaction and love through my photographs, so that you can enjoy them for generations. They are only small for a short period of time.

        What is important to you when you book a kids photographer Täby?

        When you book a family photo, we agree on what you want for photos. The most common are individual pictures of the children, sibling pictures, individual pictures only of your parents and the main focus on the whole family together. Be prepared to take part in the outdoor games! It’s everything from kisses, tickling wars, now-comes-dad-and-takes-you! to hugs.

        Preparations for your kids photography session

        Do not be alarmed if there might be tears, it can be great pictures when mom or dad comforts. Come relaxed, the kids full and satisfied and everyone longing for an adventure! Feel free to bring props if you want, something that means a lot, your favorite teddy bear or why not soap bubbles?

        Information about kids photography in Täby

        I offer children photography outdoors and indoors in my studio, where it is always good light and warm and nice, the advantage of being photographed in the studio is definitely that you never have to rebook due to bad weather. The photography usually takes between 30 and 90 minutes, we have no stress but take photos until we are satisfied. If you come with small children, patience can run out fast, we photograph as long as the children think it’s fun. I have many suggestions for nice outdoor places that suit different ages and seasons in Täby and nearby places. Personally, I love the charm of different faces and moods, images that complement each other and build a nice story together. I create my pictures with the goal image that they will form a nice album to browse through together in the future and laugh at all the cozy and personal faces and situations that arise. Click here to read more about child photography with me. Here you can find my Swedish site.

        26 May, 2020