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        Wedding × 5 May, 2024

        Wedding Eric Ericson hall Stockholm

        Eric Ericsonhallen is located on Skeppsholmen and is the venue for those who wish for a wedding location with a central Stockholm location with fantastic views over the Old Town. ...

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        Wedding × 15 August, 2023

        Wedding Rånäs slott

        Rånäs slott is the ideal location ...

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        Wedding × 17 July, 2023

        Wedding Örbyhus slott

        Örbyhus slott is located in northern Uppland, 5 miles north of Uppsala, approx 1,5 hour from Stockholm, Sweden. The area has been the scene of Swedish history on several occasions. The castle made nat...

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        Wedding × 18 June, 2023

        Why have a rehearsal dinner

        Why have a rehearsal dinner is perhaps a question you might ask. Rehearsal dinner is a tradition from the US part, which can be held to go through and "practice" for the wedding day. Perhaps more comm...

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        Wedding × 12 March, 2023

        Wedding Norrviken

        Norrviken Gardens offers a range of different locations for your wedding, choose the terrace if you want a sea view, choose one of the beautiful glasshouses if you want to be outdoors but indoors, or ...

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        Wedding × 20 February, 2023

        Wedding Skytteholm

        Skytteholm is a beautiful wedding venue located on the picturesque island of Ekerö, just a short distance from Stockholm. It's a popular choice for couples looking for a romantic and idyllic setting t...

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        Wedding × 5 February, 2023

        Getting married in Italy

        5 tips about getting married in Italy Italy is a dream destination for couples looking for a romantic and unforgettable wedding. With its stunning scenery, world-renowned cuisine, and warm hospitalit...

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        Wedding × 4 February, 2023

        Wedding photographer Gimo

        Wedding photographer Gimo This was my first job as a wedding photographer Gimo with Jessica at Floristeriet but definitely not the last! It was so much fun working together with such a talented partn...

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        Wedding × 12 January, 2023

        Wedding photographer Norrviken Gardens

        Wedding photographer Norrviken Gardens - a dream coming true for me! Norrviken is mostly known for its amazing gardens but also has exciting architecture. The dinner can be held in the main house Vill...

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        Wedding × 29 December, 2022

        Wedding Dömle herrgård

        Wedding Dömle herrgård As an experienced wedding photographer, I've had the pleasure of photographing a lot of beautiful weddings in various locations. However, I recently had the opportunity to shoo...

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