Wedding × 3 September, 2019

        Wedding Ekensdal

        Wedding Ekensdal, Nacka. Anders and Viktoria had their wedding on Ekensdal in Nacka on a beautiful September day. If you're looking for a venue where guests won't spread out to much with the possibil...

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        Wedding × 12 July, 2019

        Wedding Tyn Dwr Hall, Wales

        Wedding Tyn Dwr Hall, Wales I'm so thankful to get to capture Sarah and Ben's wedding day in Bala, at Tyn Dwr Hall. Wales was even more stunning than I had imagined! For long I have wanted to explore...

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        Engagement × 13 June, 2019

        Engagement session Amalfi coast Italy

        Engagement session Amalfi coast Italy Jonathan and Aileen lives in New York, USA. They saw my post from an engagement session I shoot in Positano a couple of years ago. I think it's amazing to be a...

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        Wedding × 3 March, 2019

        Apprentice Diploma – Journeyman’s Certificate

        Apprentice Diploma - Journeyman’s Certificate approved by the Swedish Crafts Council.  "As a client, you can be sure that a craftsman with Apprentice Diploma - Journeyman’s Certificate (in Swedish: G...

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        Okategoriserade × 8 February, 2019

        Children studio photography Stockholm

        During winter I spend the most of my days in the studio (Stockholm is really dark during the winter!). Both me and the kids are more comfortable indoor with cozy socks, and my strobes makes sure there...

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        Engagement × 2 January, 2019

        Engagement session, Marrakech, Morocco

        Engagement session, Marrakech, Morocco Liz and Runes engagement session in Marrakech took place just outside the medina and there are never far to a beautiful spot with exciting architecture. Marr...

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        Wedding × 9 November, 2018

        Wedding Skridskopaviljongen Stockholm

        Wedding Skridskopaviljongen Stockholm Caroline and Daniel had their wedding at Skridskopaviljongen in Stockholm. It was such a wonderful winter day, that kind of weather you dream about when planning...

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        Engagement × 10 October, 2018

        Engagement session Stockholm

        Engagement session Stockholm I love engagement sessions! Micke proposed to Camilla by the water so that we would have their engagement session by the water felt like a given choice. We decided to do ...

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        Maternity × 28 September, 2018

        Maternity photography Stockholm

        Maternity photography Stockholm I've started to shoot maternity session a lot more lately, it's so much fun! Many of my clients choose to photograph themselves with their partner, then I do just like...

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        Wedding × 9 September, 2018

        Wedding Skytteholm Ekerö

        Wedding Skytteholm Ekerö Susanne and Peder had their wedding at Skytteholm, on Ekerö a beautiful summer day. We didn't do a first look, instead the couple saw each other for the first time in the chu...

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