Kids and family × 28 September, 2020

        Family photographer Stockholm

        Follow behind the scenes at Sara and Staffan's family photography in Täby   Family photographer Stockholm I believe that your (and especially the children's) experience of the photography wit...

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        Wedding × 13 September, 2020

        Wedding Eklundshof

        Erik and Isabelle got married in one of the most beautiful summer days in Uppsala cathedral, and had the wedding at Eklundshof, just outside of Uppsala city.     Video by Linus ...

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        Wedding × 23 August, 2020

        Wedding Ekensdal

        Wedding Ekensdal During the spring, I was asked to photograph weddings in Ekensdal for a new brand and it has really been so fun to work with Anna and Alicia, who are behind Bon Viola. Together they ...

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        Engagement × 3 August, 2020

        Stockholm engagement photos

        Stockholm engagement photos - your choice of outfit and venue will create romantic, soft photographs to cherish forever. A lot of the couples that book me for having their engagement photos taken...

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        Wedding × 22 July, 2020

        Civil or church wedding

        Civil or church wedding Civil or church wedding, how do they differ and how can they be arranged? A common question that many brides and grooms have. Something that I think many people do not know ...

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        Kids and family × 15 July, 2020

        Kids photography studio Stockholm

        Kids photography studio Stockholm, a moment with a lot of mischief and hugs. I really love the age of 6-18 months, the children offer so many cozy and fun expressions! In the studio I have props in th...

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        Wedding × 22 June, 2020

        Preparations wedding day

        Preparations wedding Wedding day often begins with wedding preparations, such as hair, make up and attire. Whether you're getting ready together or individually, it's nice to photograph from the be...

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        Wedding × 2 June, 2020

        Wedding flowers

        Wedding flowers Go on your gut feeling and choose with your heart when you decide which flowers you should have for the wedding. There are so many options in terms of feel, shape and color so somet...

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        Kids and family × 26 May, 2020

        Kids photographer Täby

        Kids photograher Täby Kids photographer Täby The photography together with Sara, Staffan and the girls was just as magical as it looks. We skipped the studio and went out instead. We managed to ...

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        Wedding × 22 May, 2020

        Wedding Gimo

        Wedding Gimo About the wedding I photographed Camilla and Mikael's wedding at Gimo Manor in April. Due to the prevailing circumstances, they had been forced to cancel their wedding and I can only ...

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